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About US7IID.

My name Anatoly I. Kopa, I was born in 1963, in the most beautiful country of East Europe - in Republic of Ukraine.

Anatoly I. Kopa US7IID

      Anatoly US7IID. Photo 2004 year.

My first time license as a SWL was i received at 1978. My first time license as a HAM Radio was i received at 1980 as RB5IID. After getting by the republic an Ukraine of independence was made reform of callsign and as from 1994 I has got a license as US7IID.

I use transceiver Yaesu FT-840, my home made power amplifaier 200 Wtts and old computer Cyrix-190. I highly likes to operate at the air by the telegraph CW and digital modes PSK31 and RTTY. I always used only uncomplicated antenna as LW and Dipoles.

Anatoly I. Kopa US7IID

      Anatoly RB5IID, now US7IID. Old photo from 1986 year.

Setup in 1986:
Two home made tubes transceivers UW3DI-1 and a home made 300W linear power amplifier with one tube GK-71. Antenna long wire 82m at a height of 35m above the ground.
CW electronic padle key "Young Telegraphist".
Microphone "OCTAVA MD-52A".

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      DX-pedition US7IID/p URFF-025 in 2011
      DX-pedition US7IID/p URFF-098 in 2011
      DX-pedition US7IID/p URFF-026 in 2013

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