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We are glad that you have visited our site.

There are 15.582 beautiful QSL - cards of amateur radio stations from all the world on pages of our site. The collection of photos is made from QSL had received since 1980. We plan next updating.

The base of photos QSL has sections on continents. Some sections on the countries have internal division on CALL-Area.

Part of these QSL are trophies of DX - hunting radio amateurs Anatoly US7IID, Vyacheslav US7IB, Serge US7IVW, Alexander UY9IF, Alexander UR7ISZ, Serge UX7IW - Kramatorsk, Ukraine. The other QSL are sent for accommodation on pages of our site as samples from radio amateur - owners callsings.

The group of authors reserves the right to itself accommodations on this site of all available QSL. If the owner of callsing objects to accommodation of his photo QSL on pages of this site he has an opportunity to send E-mail with an interdiction to display his personal QSL. After reception of an interdiction demonstration of photo QSL of this radio station will be stopped.

We hope that viewing of photos QSL on our pages will give pleasure to you, and maybe it will involve new travellers on the air in for DX-hunting. You can direct E-mail with responses and comments on to:

We express our gratitude to all DX, Managers and operators who have sent the QSL - cards for confirmation of QSO.

This is freeware QSL pictures database and authors' group does not get remuneration. If you want you can make contribution to the development this website. Your sponsor's payment can be sent on to:

Anatoly Ivanovitch Kopa, US7IID
P.O. Box 14,
84322, Kramatorsk - 22,
Donetsky Region,

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